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Simon + Pierre : I have to ask first, why this name : Paradis?
Paradis represents a sort of ideal of happiness and sincerity for us, which is the spirit in which we hope to make our music. One day we saw the word written in big letters and it just made sense. Also, the word plays an important part culturally in terms of our musical influences such as house and disco, genres both infused with this thematic of paradise.
Simon + Pierre : How did you come to make music for the first time? How did you meet each other?

So, we met through a common friend who was throwing a party in Paris, we just chatted about music and although we had different points of view at that point we were very curious to work together and so we tried doing so very quickly, the next day if we recall correctly.
Simon + Pierre : How do you explain the difference between production signed Paradis and you guys on stage?
The most important thing for us in terms of art or music is context. So, in the studio, the music we make is the music we’ve always dreamt of hearing. As dj’s the idea is to have fun, to be able to play any genre of music so long as we love the melodies, the harmonies and the groove. This means the music can be quite a bit harder than our own production. The past month we’ve started to play live and in a sense our live set sort of bridges the gap between the songs and our dj sets.
Simon + Pierre : In two words, how would you describe your style?
That’s always quite tricky, but we just try and make contemporary songs perhaps ?
Simon + Pierre : Still in two words, what inspires you?
Again, to the risk of sounding quite basic, we’re inspired by the music, the places and especially the people we love.
Simon + Pierre : Tell us a bit of your career, favorite project you worked on? What about Tim Sweeney? 
The most exciting project for now has been the ongoing creation of our first album which should see the light this year. It’s been a creative trip, an exercise in patience, and generally a lesson for us.
Simon + Pierre : Incoming news?
The next step for us is playing live more and more. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since our first live set for the Acne show at Centre Pompidou back in March, and also following Christine and the Queens on the road as her opening act. We’re starting to be happy with the live set and with people’s reactions and we look forward to sharing these versions of our songs as well as some new material with as many people as possible.
Simon + Pierre : What french music means to you? 
Growing up abroad, French music has always had some sort of exotic quality to us. We both have a sort of fascination for French culture, for Paris, in a way we are quite disconnected with the cynicism some French people can have looking at their own culture, we aren’t scared of clichés so long as they are beautiful. 
Simon + Pierre : How it feels to be remixed by Superpitcher?
Amazing ! Superpitcher has been one of our strongest musical influences and we’d always dreamed of having him remix one of our songs, we’re really happy with the result. Both him and Tim Goldsworthy offered very long interpretations of our music which we really loved.
Simon + Pierre : Unhealthy curiosity, How to pass a regular working day in your studio? Bump it hard?
Typically we work at night, and we can go for hours if it feels right. The nighttime is the best time for us to work, we feel disconnected with the rest of the city’s rhythm, and also (almost) no-one can bother you with anything else than the music once everyone else is sleeping :)
Simon + Pierre : What is your favorite place to work?
At home, in our studio, in the countryside. Given the choice we would love to have our own little cabin in the park right next to the studio called Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.
Simon + Pierre : ... What were you doing Saturday night?
Saturday night we played a live show at Midi Festival in the south of France alongside our friends Syracuse, we had an amazing evening ! Our friend Andrea Montano was also there, we’ve asked him to take photographs on tour with us. We all ended up a bit drunk, making special sandwiches in our hotel at sunrise !
Simon + Pierre : ... A last word in french for our readers? 
It’s inspired by Arabic but it’s widely used in France : « le kiffe ».
Simon + Pierre : You must be great seducers, do you have a girlfriend? 
This is getting a little too private but we wouldn’t be inspired without love !


Photographer : Andrea Montano


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