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Can you tell us a bit about you? 11 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania… for the weather. On the first day of 2013 I started my blog - when I was a brunette, before I was a blonde, before I went back to being a brunette, before I had pink hair. And Since I started this site I now have 305,000 close personal friends -  most of which I haven’t even met. This is a glimpse into my life and the most important part of my day (and hopefully yours) getting dressed. Facts – my style changes often and I enjoy showing both the masculine and feminine sides of my dressing. No matter how much time passes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be my forever style muses. I hope that besides all the clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, and beauty you see me rant about, you will get to know my other interests: natural wine – Contadino being my numero uno. Cleanliness is close to godliness and I have a high appreciation for beautiful bathrooms. My personal favorite will be my second home, The Ludlow Hotel in NYC. If none of this interest you, do it for the music.


What music means to you? This is a loaded question but it means everything to me.  Its mostly a way to feel emotion and energy.  Music is also one of my favorite ways to bond with another human.  We all hear music in a different way and our ears are all different, our likes and dislikes.  When you find something that sounds good and another human feels the same way, it’s really special.  Overall its special to hear something the same way and feel the same things for a song as someone else.  I also escape with music.  Its a way to leave your body and be transported somewhere else, especially seeing live music.  

How would you describe yourself?  Certifiably crazy.  Outspoken.  Obsessive with things and people.  Always looking for a rush in everything I do.

What other career could we imagine for you? Band manager or stripper (in another life), I love being naked.  

Favorite project you worked on?

Design collab- Velvet denim.  I came up with the idea myself and pitched it to the team and they said yes immediately.  It was really cool to see mine and their vision come together as one!

Brand sponsorship- Perrier Jouet.  Ironically this project was kind of a mess because I had a nervous breakdown that week and it continued on set.. I thought my name was Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s but in the end I bonded with some amazing influencers and bloggers on the trip to Miami and we will never forget this experience both the good and the bad!

Shoot- I shot some of my favorite looks from with one of my favorite photographers in LA.  I love working with brands that make sense that I have been following forever!  

Press Trip -  Jimmy Choo x India trip and campaigns...

Fashion Show - My first Chanel Show, first Chloe Show, the past Burberry show highlighting gay pride


What inspires you? Other inspiring people.  Feeling good.  Being in LA. 

You best shopping addresses in LA? I like vintage.  Scout, Collection LA, Replika Vintage (by appt. only), Passenger, Vintage on Hollywood, Chucks Vintage.  Shop Super Street and Barneys are pretty much the only new stores I shop at, also Mohawk General Store is pretty solid in Silver Lake.  


In two words, how would you describe your style? Masculin, Feminine (at the same time). 


Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream? Having a huge wedding.  Having a party where all my favorite musicians play in my back yard.

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