parallel ART





Can you tell us a bit about you? Father of 15 year old girl, French, 45, leave in NY, photographer since I started when I was 16. Grow up in a little town in the north of Paris. Left my biology school, to get in Paris to became a photographer. Used to leave in Paris and Bangkok.


How would you describe yourself? Passionate, determinate, romantic, emphatic, genuine, anxious, contemplatif, provocatif, possessif and control freak, generous. believe in peace and love to dance.

What other career could we imagine for you? Scientist.

Favorite project you worked on? My last shooting for Mission Magazine in Tokyo, that was a dream comes true for me and the team.

What inspires you? The sky on earth. Peace and beauty.


In two words, how would you describe your style? Timeless but actual.


Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream? Waking up from dream to another dream, believing that was reality and find everyone dead. Contemplating the whole clear night dark blue sky, peacefully happy feeling sure love for life, in that mood, starting looking at the stars gravitating around each other, stars drawing lignes to league each other and ending in the most peaceful white sky under the perfect sounds of an unique note.

Incoming news? Going to Europe to Capri, ibiza and Roma for differents commercial and editorial.

...What were you doing Saturday night? I went to see a movie with a friend at the cinema theater of my hood and got a burger with French fries

What do you have in your pockets right now? Cash money, my key, e-cigarette, credit card and treats for my dog

...A last word in french for our readers?  La vie ne vaut d'être vécue sans amour.

Courtesy of David Bellemere -