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La Dolce Vita.


What is your first memory of your passion for photography? I can not say one moment. It's a passion born when I was a young, then became a profession. Perhaps one of the photos that marked a turning point in my life, is a shot stolen in New York of two models that call a taxi. In that moment I realized that photography would be my way.


What Fashion means to you? Fashion is a very broad and meaningful word. For me, fashion goes through photography: it is color, models, expressions, ways of living and telling oneself.

Your best shopping addresses in Dubai? I have an agency that represents me in Dubai but I had the pleasure of going there only once. So i had visited only Dubai Mall.


In two words, how would you describe your style? Lively and immediate.


Incoming news? I have many important collaborations, but also a project of my own: a  t-shirts collection with my photos that I just launched with the brand emanueleferraristudio on : soon

...What were you doing Saturday night? What  I did on Saturday night? A dinner with my old friends.  It's nice to spend time with people you're good with!

...A last word in french for our readers?  Au revoir! 

Courtesy of Emanuele Ferrari -