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What is your first memory of your passion for climbing? My first memories revolve around my hometown Nyagan (a remote little town in Siberia) where I used to spend all the days training and doing extreme parkour on heights with my friends. Those days inspired me to work on myself and strife for more while developing the skills to excel at my passion.


What fear means to you? For me there are different types of fear - there's a physical type of fear of being afraid of heights or having irrational fears that physically stop you from doing something. And there is also a mental type of fear, which I consider much more complex and intense. By mental fear I mean the fear of stopping to be a creative person and run out of passion and ideas, the fear of not evolving or not achieving my dreams. This kind of fear is much more important to me than any physical fear I ever was challenged with.

Favorite project you worked on? My favorite project is the one I'm working on right now - I'm creating a personal vlog. It will be the kind of content that will make people reconsider their lives and inspire to follow their dreams. A get a lot of comments from people around the world that are fascinated by my life and my travels. I would want to show them that their dream life is just around the corner. All they have to do is open their minds and reshuffle their priorities to welcome change and growth.

In two words, how would you describe your style? Aesthetically pleasing and conservative.

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream? Worst nightmare - not reaching my potential.

Beautiful dream - be a perfect father.

...What were you doing Saturday night? I spend it at home, brainstorming ideas for my personal video project..

...A last word in french for our readers? C'est tout!

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