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Gorgeous YASMIN BRUNET for



Can you tell us a bit about you? I’m a Model/ Actress and I love btw Brasil and N.Y.C.! I’m 29 years old, gemini and vegetarian.


How would you describe yourself? I won’t ... Ahaha!


What other career could we imagine for you? I’ve always dreamt about being a singer... But I’ve not been blessed with an amazing voice... Ahaha!

Favorite project you worked on? So many it’s always so hard to choose! 

What inspires you? Nature! All of my surroundings!

Your worst nightmare? Most beautiful dream? Nightmare would be that people don’t wake up to see what we are doing to our planet, and when they do it’s too late. Dream would be for everyone to see themselves as part of one unity. There is only an illusion of separation. What’s we to do others we to do ourselves and the same goes to nature, as we are part of everything 

Incoming news? Never tell...

...What were you doing Saturday night? Probably Netflix or movie...

...What do you have in your pockets right now? Nothing! Rarely use those!

...A last word in french for our readers? Merci!

Courtesy of Yasmin Brunet -