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You said French Touch? 


Tell us a bit of you Yasmine, who are you?

A parisian who travels a lot especially to London , who loves to go out spend time with friends, always on the go and who works a bit too much as well!


We'd like to know a bit more about the genesis of your brand. How and why did you choose lingerie ?

I always liked lingerie my first love is fashion , i like to think of lingerie within fashion. Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Starting a lingerie brand s like working backstage when I consult for brands and work on the shows . I think it s very nice to work on a small object which is close to the body.


If you could qualifie your creations in 3 words, what would they be ?

Delicate, graphic fashion and lovely! 


What's your favorite part about a woman's body?

I suppose for lingerie is breasts and bum but I also love legs.


What inspires you the most when designing a collection ?

My friends first and then lots of different things, materials, colors, actually materials are very important it when you want to create something and then friends will inspire me for shapes and styles.


Your ten favorite songs? 

Difficult! I like so many songs! Not sure where to start, but : Anything from Sebastien Telier, Portishead - The Rip , Christophe - La Dolce Vita, Carpenters , Elvis - Always On My Mind , Polnaref - Holliday, Gainsbourg - Anything, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Neil Young, 10cc - I'm Not In Love, Catpower, Prince - Cream, Nick Cave...


What were you doing Saturday night?

I stayed home very happy!

I prefer to go out in the week .


... A last word in french for our readers?

Je sais pas amusez vous, et venez me rendre visite à Paris au 35, rue de Richelieu (75001).


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