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He's German and Turkish photographer, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Acording to him, Manhattan (New-York City) is so full of amazing people and awesome opportunities:

For him, it’s perfect for any young artist.


Your work seems inspired by the eighties, where did you get the inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from music. Shlohmo is my main influence right now. The only thing I play when photographing someone is Shlohmo. His music puts me in this odd, but good, mood that helps me create stronger images. It’s hard to explain but music is a big key to a successful shoot. It makes the photographer and subject more comfortable. But other than that I don’t have any other influences. I don’t really like looking at other photographer’s work; only leads to unconscious plagiarism.


Unhealthy curiosity, how to pass a regular working day for you? If it’s not a setup photo shoot, then it’s usually me walking around with my camera.


What's the favorite project you worked on? I just recently shot a new series for The Unlimited Magazine and The Youth Magazine.


What fashion means to you? It doesn’t have any personal meaning to me, I respect all the people in it but also for the past few years .


Aside from photography, you also model. Which do you like better? I’ve always thought modeling was fun, but I’m going to have to go with photography. It’s my escape from reality and an outlet for my creativity. I have a hard time expressing emotion so I do it through my pictures. Put a camera in my hands and I’m unstoppable.


Your ten favorite songs? Have a look on :


... A last word in french for our french readers? Intrépide! 


Extract from the Parallel Volume III, 

Courtesy of Abdul Kircher -