parallel ART






Tell us a bit of you Neil, who are you? I am a 29 year old artist based in Los Angeles...


When did you first start working as a professional photographer? 2008 was the year I became professional meaning I was taking on assignments for the first time. I think I was 24 years old or something like that. That was an exciting time for me!


Your work seems inspired by the seventies, where did you get the inspiration? I get inspired from random things I suppose like anyone does really. In my downtime I enjoy looking at old pulp iconography, classical paintings and other boring things. Lately I've been heavily into a book I picked up titled "Japanische Plakate" which is a collection of work from various Japanese designers over the last century. It's pretty incredible.


In two words, what inspires you? Sound Vision. 


Do you remember your first shooting? I remember taking photographies as a kid but I'm positive, nothing great came out of those days. You have to start somewhere...


Tell us a bit of your career, what's the favorite project you worked on? It's almost always the very last thing I've done or the thing I'm currently working on. I just finished work on Mara Hoffman's Spring '13 Campaign which was a blast, and my third book with Joni Harbeck came out last month so I'm pretty happy with both.

What is your favorite place to work? At my house. 


What fashion means to you? I think it's incredibly important to photography and visual art but in my everyday life it doesn't mean a great to deal to me. I wear old rock shirts and jeans almost everyday so I'm not really the person to ask. That being said I do have a great respect for designers and their visions.


Unhealthy curiosity, How to pass a regular working day in studio? Bump it hard? Absolutely. I'm in the studio everyday and my favorite thing is to put on "Dunwich Radio" which is a Swedish guy that puts together the most incredible 45 min. long podcasts. They range from old soundtracks, to psych, jazz, electronics, you name it. I've always been a fan of old records and this guy nails it everytime. It's now become a ritual for me.


What were you doing Saturday night? Well I'd love to say I was high on Peyote in Death Valley but the truth is I was wrapping up some new artwork for a sleeve assignment. At this point in my life I'm working around the clock so I'm as boring as sliced bread for the most part. Sorry to disappoint you!


... A last word in french for our readers? How about my favorite French soundtrack? "Les Lèvres Rouges" by Francois De Roubaix.




Extract from the Parallel Volume III, 

Courtesy of Neil Krug -